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Long Travel CNC Machine for Auto Parts

Time: 2018-05-05 Source : PRATIC CNC

PRATIC CNC machine has a huge advantage in the processing automotive parts and aluminum, it can process multiple pieces of work. The workers can change the work piece without stopping which greatly improved the efficiency. Compared with the traditional large gantry machine, PRATIC CNC milling machinery can help industry to save a lot of investment costs, which manufacturing auto parts with high speed processing, higher efficiency, simple operation, low maintenance cost and less equipment area. While the ordinary vertical machining center is difficult to accommodate the machining of large work pieces due to its structural, it is inconvenient to processing the large-sized work piece and the processing speed is slow. The Long CNC machining center is an automatic composite machining center integrating milling, drilling, tapping and chamfering. It is suitable for machining various types of steel, copper, aluminum profile and other metal processing, and machine tools are used for processing of profile materials such as spare parts, which can be processed in different sections and shapes.

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