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PRATIC Is Attracting Global Attention and Visited by Many Overseas Customers

Time: 2019-03-18 Source : PRATIC

From the begining of this year, Pratic has been exhibiting in various demostic and overseas shows, and has been attracting more and more global attention. Many customers from different countries have been coming to visit PRATIC for cooperation.

Compared with VMC, PRATIC’s long-axis CNC machining center is more economical and effective for machining metal profiles and components, especially for aluminum profiles. Also PRATIC’s long-axis CNC machining center has wider applications in various industries such as autombile, rail transit, aerospace, military, smart home appliance, windows, doors, curatins wall, 5G  entenna equipments and so on.

Based on the government support to high technology industry, PRATIC became a China national high technology enterprise after ten years of development. Not only to meet the needs from domestic market, PRATIC also has been making effort to develop overseas markets. By adopting international advanced technology and management, PRATIC has got the ISO 9001: 2008 certification and CE certification. PRATIC is making continuous effort to make CNC machining center to meet the demands from international market. PRATIC CNC machining centers had been distributed to many countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, Australia.

Following the continuous development of its international business, PRATIC CNC is showing a bigger and bigger influence worldwide and PRATIC is going to be a world famous CNC machine brand in the world.

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