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PRATIC Is Exhibiting at SIMM 2019- Welcome Your Visit to Our Booth

Time: 2019-03-29 Source : PRATIC CNC

SIMM 2019 is now being held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Tens of thousands of people from China and other coutries are making a grand gathering.

The booth of PRATIC is 1W01, HALL 1. As the leading company who focuses on manufacturing CNC machining center for aluminum profiles & components, PRATIC is showing its CNC machining center models PIA-CNC4500 and PYC-CNC4500. PIA series CNC machining center is suitable for light cutting, drilling and milling of aluminum profiles, and is widely used in processing smart TV frame, customerized furniture, sanitary ware profiles, handles of kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, long hinges of aluminum alloy glass casement door and so on. PYC series is suitable for processing various lengths of aluminum, steel or copper profiles, and is mainly used in processing automobile components, rail transit components, aerospace equipment and so on.

PRATIC CNC mahcining center is attracting much attention of cutomers from both the demostic and overseas. Many customers are coming to visit PRAITC for its reputation. Some customers even have signed the preliminary cooperating agreement with PRATIC on the spot.

Also in order to acknowledge customers’ preference to PRATIC, PRATIC is holding lucky draw on the spot, the lucy draw prizes include USB disk, business card holder, smart watch for children, drink and so on, which adds to the lively atmosphere of PRATIC booth.

As a China national high technology enterprise, PRATIC is continuously ploughing deeply in the filed of CNC machining center, and makes its mind to become a flagship enterprise of high-tech equipment enterprises both in China and the world.

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