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Why German G-series high-speed trains cannot speed

Time: 2018-06-19 Source : PRATIC CNC

30 years ago, a G-series high-speed train of over 11,000 horsepower of Germany drove to Fulda from Wurzburg with a speed of 406kilometers/hour, making a historical record. At that time, it was the fastest train the history. However, before long, the record was broken, and ICE is no longer the fastest train any more. In nowadays, the new ICE high speed train purchased by German had a highest operating speed of 250 kilometers/hour.

Passengers of Germany railway must be envious of French G-series high-speed train, and even G-series high-speed trains in Asia become faster. In particular, China has come up from behind. Before long, whether G-series high-speed trains of China would go to German?

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