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PRATIC Turnkey Solution for Battery Tray of New Energy Vehicle

Time: 2019-06-14 Source : PRATIC CNC

With the development of new energy vechicle industry, there is a strong demand for efficient making of the battery tray. Based on this demand PRATIC has developped a turnkey solution for producing battery tray of new energy vehicle.

The integrated solution is as follows:

1. Rod Parts Processig(Use Vertical Saw Cutting Machine and CNC Rod Parts Maching Center)

2. MIG Welding(Use Robot Welder Equipment)

3. Plate Parts Processing(Use Gantry CNC Machining Center)

4. Friction Stir Welding(Friction Stir Welding of Bottom Plates and General Friction Stir Welding. Use Friction Welding Equipment)

5. Bottom Plate Lifting Lug Processing(Use CNC Vertical Machine)

6. General Processing(Use General Assembly CNC Machining Centers)

Following are the pictures showing the live scenes of the production lines:

PRATIC is looking forward to working with more automobile parts suppliers and contributing more to new energy vehicle industry. Welcome your inquiry!

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