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PRATIC Is Cooperating with Daimler and Offer CNC Machining Centers for Processing Daimler Electric Vehicle Battery Tray

Time: 2019-06-15 Source : PRATIC

Following the rapid development of the automobile industry, the energy shortage became a more and more serious problem. The environmental problem caused by automobile is concerning. Developing new energy vehicle is an effective way to relieve the energy crisis, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the environment pollution. For now new energy vehicle has been becoming the direction and trend of automobile industry. The battery is the power source of new energy vehicle, and the battery tray which is used for holding the battery is made of aluminum to reduce the whole vehicle weight.

By continuous researching and studying, PRATIC developped a turnkey solution for processing & welding the battery tray of new energy vehicle, which can satisfy the need of precise and efficient making of battery tray. Some international famous vehicle manufacturers(for example Daimler) have been choosing PRATIC as the supplier of CNC machine for making the electirc vehicle battrey tray.

Specially made pneumatic fixtures

PRATIC PYB series CNC machining center for machining the rod and plate parts of battery tray

Pratic PHA gantry CNC machining center for general machining of the welded battery tray

PRATIC expects to work with more and more vehicle manufacturer and welcome your inquriy to us!

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