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PRATIC CNC Machining Centers Used for Processing 5G Communication Equipment, Facililties and Components

Time: 2019-06-20 Source : PRATIC CNC

5G is the term used to describe the next-generation of mobile networks beyond LTE mobile networks

Like the evolution from 3G to 4G, the jump to 5G will mean faster speeds, lower latency and many other benefits. It’ll be a major boost for businesses, gamers, livestreamers and more. It could be a huge leap in other ways, too — 5G is so much faster than 4G, and has so much less latency, that it could become the platform for all sorts of new services.

Many countries(Especially China, USA, European countries, south Korea, Japan) are making great effort in accelerating their progess on 5G.

Since the current 4G communication equipment, facililties and components are not able to meet the 5G requirement, there is a big demand for rebuilding the 5G communication equipment, facililties and components.

PRATIC CNC machining centers are well applied for making and processing the related 5G Communication Equipment, Facililties and Components. For example, PRATIC cnc machining centers are used for processing the communication equipment cabin, antenna mounting bracket, antenna clamp, antenna radiator and so on.

PRATIC expects to work with more 5G equipment suppliers and welcome your inquiry!

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