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China Is Accelerating C919 Test before Commerical Use

Time: 2019-08-06 Source : PRATIC

SHANGHAI -- China's C919 passenger airplane will enter into a new phase of intensive test flights in the second half of this year, according to the Commercial Aircraft Corp of China.

A total of six prototypes of the jetliner model will be put to the intensive test flight missions with two more aircraft set to join the fleet, said the developer.

On Aug 1, the fourth C919 prototype completed its maiden flight, also its first test flight mission.

It took to the sky over Shanghai Pudong International Airport and underwent various inspections and system checks during the flight of one hour and 25 minutes.

The C919, China's first homegrown trunk jetliner, conducted a successful maiden flight on May 5, 2017, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

To date, the COMAC has received 815 orders for the C919 planes from 28 customers worldwide.

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