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Some Knowledge about CNC

Time: 2019-08-19 Source : PRATIC CNC

CNC is universal in morden manufacaturing industries. Then it is helpful for us to learn some knowledge about CNC: How do cnc machines make parts and how can one get started with cnc?

How Do CNC Machines Make Parts?

The process is pretty straightforward, and involves the following steps:

1.Design Idealized Part

Use CAD software to create a 2D or 3D model of the part you want to make. CAD stands for “Computer Aided Drafting”, so CAD software is like drawing software that lets you precisely specify the dimensions of your part.

2.CNC Programming

Use CAM software to convert the CAD model into g-code. G-Code is the language used to program CNC Machines. You can learn more about it in our Free G-Code Programming Course.

3.Machine Setpu

In this step, the machine is set up with workholding, proper tooling, and the g-code program and tool data are loaded to prepare the machine to make the part. The operator will also tell the machine where part zero is..

4.Machine the Part

With everything set up, it’s time to machine the part..

How Can One Get Started With CNC?

Given the basic history of CNC and an overview of the major CNC Machines, what does one need to know to get started with CNC?

Knowledge in a number of different areas will be helpful. For example, basic machining skills are pretty important. A CNC machine starts from basic machining principles, althoug it can automate operations that are flat out impossible for a manual human machinist to perform by turning handwheels.

A knowledge of some electronics, principally around motion control applications is helpful as well, since CNC Machines involve quite a lot of electronics in addition to their mechanical aspects.

Since “What does CNC stand for?” is answered “Computer Numerical Control”, obviously computers are important.  But specifically, computer software that’s used with CNC.  There are a few different kinds.

The programs that run CNC machine tools are called “part programs.” Before we can get very far, we must understand how to create and use CNC part programs, which are written in some dialect of G-Code.

Having gotten this far, the aspiring CNC machinist will be realizing that there is quite a lot of specialized CNC Software. Here are four of the most common types of CNC software:

CNC Calculators to help calculate Feeds and Speeds.

CNC Program Editors to help us manage g-code.

CAD programs used to create drawings and 3D models of the parts we want to machine.

CAM programs that start from a CAD drawing and produce the g-code our CNC machines execute.

There are many more types of CNC software out there.


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