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PRATIC Held Mid-autumn Competiting Activities for the Coming Mid-autumn Festival

Time: 2019-09-12 Source : PRATIC

Since the mid-autumn festival is coming soon, PRATIC held mid-autumn competiting activities yesterady afternoon.

The competiting activities included guessing riddles, beating drum blindfold, ringtoss, bowling, lucky turntable and so on. When a participant finish an activity, he/she can get corresponding quanities of gift coupons for gift exchange. The gifts include liquid detergent, tissue, yogurt, biscuit and so on.

Almost all PRATIC people participated in different competiting activities, and all of them got gifts by exchanging the coupons they got in the competiting activities. They were so happy in taking part in such activities before enjoying a wonderful Mid-autumn Festival in the coming several days.

As the leading enterprise of manufacturing cnc profile machining center, PRATIC has been relying on human oriented philosophy and continuously enriching the spare-time life of employees. PRATIC has been organizing various helpful activities, matches, travels and parties for employees, which enable employees to develop themselves physically and mentally, and which enhanced the internal cohesion and solidarity of PRATIC, and which makes employees struggle for a better future of PRATIC !

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