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PRATIC Is Serving Customers as Usual & It Is Completely Safe to Receive Packages from China

Time: 2020-02-14 Source : PRATIC CNC

PRATIC has been opening since Feb 10 and all its employees are in perfect condition and working harder to serve customers as well!

From the beginning of the 2020, the novel coronavirus broken out in Wuhan, which is a city in middle of China, but the central and local governments have been taking many effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and now the epidemic situation has been under control and most of factories and enterprises have been opening and functioning as well.

PRATIC is in Foshan city which is in the south of China where the epidemic situation is slight. PRATIC workers are now making CNC machining centers as usual in our workshops, and PRATIC sales teams, technical team, maintenance team are all at your service as usual!

Then is it safe to receive packages or goods from China? No doubt, the answer is yes. From  medical practice and analysis, the novel coronavirus never survive long on objects, and according to the recommendation of WHO, it is very safe to do businesses and receive goods from China company.

So, just do not hesitate to contact with us and send your inquiry to us, we are looking forward to work with you and make you successful on CNC machine business and metalworking industry!

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