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CNC Machining Center Maintenance

Time: 2020-04-14 Source : PRATIC CNC

After more than ten years of development, PRATIC has made great achievements in the field of CNC machining center making, especially the machining centers for aluminum products processing, and has obtained many customers’ trust and support. Here is a brief introduction about the maintenance of PRATIC’s CNC machining center.

1. Observe the Positions of the Three Axes of Machining Center after Each Boot.

Check Points: Whether there are obstacles in each direction may block the movement of each axis. Observe whether the keys on the operation panel are intact; whether the indicators are normal; check the cutting fluid (liquid level, whether it is deteriorating); whether the guide rail lubricant level and air pressure are normal; whether there are large foreign objects on the chip conveyor chain plate.

After confirming that there is no problem, you can start the machine, release the emergency stop and return to the origin, and warm up for 30 minutes (appropriately extended in winter). After processing, clean the tool spindle taper hole of the tool magazine, the sheet metal of each protective cover and the aluminum chips on the chip removal machine, and clean the tool magazine. Shut down after returning to zero. Repeat the previous check the next day.

2. Small Maintenance: Once A Month.

Clean the appearance, check and handle all kind of oil and fluid, air pressure filter, electric box filter cotton. Remove the screws of the protective cover, clean the chips inside, drain the fluid, and oil the guide threading bar. Move along each axis, observe the load situation, and pay attention to whether the running sound is smooth. Check tool changing operation and position.

3. Major Maintenance: Once A Year.

① Back up all data of CNC machining center, and replace the driver and system battery regularly.

② Adjust the level of the CNC machining center, disassemble each sheet metal to clean, fasten the screws of each component.

③ Check the air pressure(the pressure value on the three-piece air source of the CNC machining center is 0.5-0.7MPa) and clean the filter.

④ Check whether the oil circuit is smooth and the pressure is correct.

⑤ Use specialized electronic precise cleaning fluid for cleaning the spindle fan, amplifier fan, and board.

⑥ Check all components and circuits of the electric box.

⑦ Check and adjust the accuracy of each axis.

⑧ Check the fixture

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