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New Product - PCD Moving Column Structure Machining Center

Time: 2020-04-24 Source : PRATIC CNC

Introduction: PCD-CNC4000 moving column vertical machining center can complete milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other processes. At the same time, precision parts processing and workpiece fixture can be performed at the same time. The machining center is a fixed, moving column structure on the lathe table. It is mainly composed of lathe table, lathe saddle, column, slide, machine head, processing protection system, lubrication system, cooling system, chip removal device, operation panel and electrical system. The lathe body, saddle, uprights and sliders form a very rigid C-frame structure, which provides a strong guarantee for the overall high precision of the machining center. The overall shape of the machining center is beautiful and elegant, the operation panel is simple and clear, and it conforms to the principle of ergonomics.

Structure Features(C-type Structure): Figure 1 is the overall appearance of the PCD-CNC4000 moving column vertical machining center. The uprights and the lathe body are made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron and resin sand. The saddle, sliding board and machine head are made of nodular cast iron with higher rigidity. All the parts form a C-type structure, as shown in Figure 2.

Advantages: The pillar is the main bearing structure of the whole structure. Its high rigidity benefits from a reasonable structural design (mass distribution), more stiffeners inside the interior and two highly rigid linear guides. As the main connection structure, the saddle and the slide plate have more supporting sliders, which makes the workpiece have strong shock resistance and high rigidity during the cutting process, especially during high-speed finishing. This structure has an excellent guarantee for the surface quality and accuracy of the mold during the finishing process. Besides, the high-precision rack or screw structure realizes feed movement, dual X-axis drive motors have high load and stability, and X-axis motors are equipped with high-performance reducers.

Applications: PCD-CNC4000 machining center can be widely used in the fields of automobile, shipbuilding, locomotive, military, aerospace, machining center, mold and other mechanical equipment manufacturing industries.

Conclusion: As a new product, PCD has a larger Y-axis stroke, which can process more diverse product, and the overall structure has high rigidity. Compared with the gantry type machining center, PCD is more cost-effective. In pursuit of better design, PRATIC never stops. 

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