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The Mayor of Foshan Visited PRATIC

Time: 2020-05-14 Source : PRATIC CNC

On May 11, Mr. Zhu Wei, the Mayor of Foshan city came to PRATIC to visit!

Mr. Li Aijun, the general manager of PRATIC warmly welcomed the mayor, and accompanied the mayor to have a factory tour in PRATIC company. The mayor gave a thumbs-up for PRAITC’s independently developed long profile machining centers and gantry machining centers !

1. Mayor’s Activities in PRATIC.

Firstly, the mayor watched videos about PRAITC’s business development, R&D capability, market expansion and globalization strategy.

Secondly, the mayor had a tour to PRATIC’s display room of sample workpieces processed by PRATIC machining centers. The mayor showed interest in new energy vehicle battery tray, car sunroof guide rail and aerospace workpieces. After Mr. Liaijun gave detailed introductions of the sample workpieces, the mayor gave high compliment to PRAITC machines’ precision and PRATIC’s R&D capability.

Thirdly, the mayor had a tour to PRAITC’s different work shops. In the work shops, the mayor learned that as a high technology enterprise, PRATIC was focusing on making multipurpose profile machining center, cnc gantry machining center and vertical machining center, which were applied in industries of aerospace, rail transit, electric vehicle, smart home appliance and so on, and meanwhile PRATIC offered good service to customers and therefore PRATIC always kept the leading position in market. The mayor again gave high appraisal to PRATIC about this.

2. The mayor summarized his visit to PRATIC.

After the factory tour, the mayor expressed that there was a good prospects for the future of PRATIC, and gave high expectation to PRATIC and hoped PRATIC would set a good example in manufacturing industries.

Mayor Zhu gave thumbs-up to PRATIC because it was a enterprise who focused on R&D and was driven by innovation and technology. Mayor Zhu emphasized that for a company the high quality R&D investment was helpful to heighten its technology level, promote its quick growth and enhance its market competitiveness. He hoped that PRATIC would continuously grow bigger and stronger, and made more contribution to metal profile machining industry.

3. PRATIC would enhance R&D continuously.

PRATIC general manager Mr. Li Aijun expressed his thankfulness to Mayor Zhu for his support to PRATIC. He revealed that recently PRATIC developed a new series of horizontal machining center, which was developed for 5G communication industry. He also told that one horizontal machining center was a whole production line, which led the innovation of the industry and which aimed to reduce the cost and heighten efficiency for customers.

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