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PRATIC Is Recruiting Agents Worldwide

Time: 2020-06-29 Source : PRATIC CNC

As a high technology enterprise, PRAITC has been focusing on manufacturing cnc machining centers(especially the traveling column type) for more than a decade.

PRATIC has been attaching much importance to its research and innovation ability since the date it was established, and every year PRAITC invests much on researching and developing new products according to the market trends. This is the vital reason why PRAITC has been developing at a high speed since more than ten years ago.

PRATIC’s cnc machining centers are well applied in various industries such as auto parts making, rail transit equipment making, aerospace parts processing, windows, doors and curtain walls making, military facility, 5G communication equipment manufacturing and so on.

Now PRATIC is carving its way to overseas markets and PRATIC is gradually becoming a famous brand of cnc machining center especially in the niche market of traveling column vertical machining center for metalworking purpose. Come on to become our agent in your country, and you will become the early bird whose business will skyrocket based on the support from us!

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