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PRATIC’s New Manufacturing Base in Jiangsu Is under Construction

Time: 2020-07-08 Source : PRATIC CNC

After more than a decade of high development, PRATIC has become one of the leading manufacturer of aluminum profile machining center both in China and overseas markets. As a high-tech enterprise who integrates research and design, manufacturing, sales and service, PRATIC is not only a cnc machine supplier, but also an all-around partner who offers turn-key solutions for customers’ cnc machine choosing, designing, purchasing, installing, training, maintaining...

Now PRAITC’s manufacturing base locates in Foshan, Guangdong. The base, which was built in 2012, covers an area of 35000 square meters. Except the office building, research & design center, the base owns three assembling workshops, three machinery parts processing workshops, two sheet metal parts processing workshops, one quality inspecting center and one warehouse.

With the rapid development of PRATIC, more and more customers choose PRATIC to cooperate, and more and more customers choose PRATIC as their strategic and most important cnc machining center supplier. Then in order to meet the customers’ need, PRAITC starts to build its another manufacturing base in Jangsu Province, China.

The Jiangsu manufacturing base covers an area of 76,410 square meters(more than two times of current Guangdong base). In Jiangsu manufacturing base, PRATTIC will invest 89 million US$ to build a modernized and standard plant, a three-floor office building, warehouse, production-assisting rooms, guard room and so on.

PRATIC Jiangsu manufacturing base will have a production capacity of 1000 sets of machining centers for processing the key parts of electric vehicle, which will greatly promote the modernization of electric vehicle parts making and assembling industry worldwide.

In hot pursuit of becoming the most famous brand of traveling column machining center, PRATIC is growing bigger and bigger through its hard working and technical innovation.

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