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Tests and Quality Assurance of PRATIC CNC Machining Centers

Time: 2020-08-08 Source : PRATIC CNC

As a professional manufacturer who has been focusing on CNC machining centers(especially travelling column machining centers) for more than 12 years, PRAITC is always attaching much importance to its quality control system.

PRATIC is carrying out a strict quality control system of ISO 9001. All procedures from raw materials & components purchasing, machining, adjusting, installing, assembling, to finished machine trial running contains strict tests and inspections to ensure all parts and components are in supreme quality and the finished machines are in 100% perfect condition before delivery to customers.

Parallel and Flatness Test of Linear Guide Rail: this is very important because it affects the machining precision of the machine. PRATIC carry out strict test and ensure higher parallel and flatness of the linear guide rail.

Flatness Test of T-slot Working Table: this is also very important because a working table with high flatness is very necessary for keeping a higher machining precision. In fact PRATIC is making the the T-slot working table by itself for its own brand machining center so that the quality of its working table can be 100% controlled by itself.

Position Precision and Repeating Position Precision Tests: this is no doubt very important for precision machining. PRATIC uses Renishaw's new XK10 alignment laser system(which has a measurement range of 30 m) to test and adjust the precision of each machine.

Three-Coordinate Inspection: PRAITC owns a three-coordinate Inspector which can complete the inspections of workpiece sizes, shapes and positions; which can test all types of parallel, verticality, symmetry and concentricity; which can get the arc surface data by scanning it; which can transmit the testing data into CAD system to modify and improve the workpieces...

In general, PRATIC team is doing best to ensure quality, and we regard the quality as the vital important thing of our company management. We not only guarantee quality, but also focus on efficiency. We're proud of our high-quality and efficiency as a trusted partner instead of a machine vendor.

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