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PRAITC’s First Exhibition in 2020 - Guangdong Machine Tool Exhibition

Time: 2020-08-18 Source : PRATIC CNC

From August 14 to August 17, the 2020 Guangdong Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Tanzhou International Exhibition Center in Foshan City. PRATIC participated in the exhibition with its machining centers PIC-CNC4500 and PYC-CNC4500.

Both PIC-CNC4500 and PYC-CNC4500 are compound cnc machining centers whihc are integrated with the functions of milling, drilling, tapping and so on. Both models have the advantage of long X axis travel. The machining and feeding processes can be synchronized, which is suitable for mass production and which can heighten the machining efficiency. The working table length can be customized from 2m to 20m according to customers’ requirements.

PYC-CNC4500 uses the BT40 spindle with a higher machining capability, which can meet the needs of machining steel, aluminum, copper and other materials with different rigidity. It is well applied for industries of rail transit equipment making, machinery parts making and so on.

Different from above PYC serires machining center, PIC-CNC4500 is mainly used for light machining of aluminum or copper frames. It is widely used in making customized home furniture, electronic and electrical appliance, such as the smart TV frame, the wardrobe door handle and so on. In this exhibition PRATIC showed a complete set of workholding and fixtures for making the customized home furniture, and also showed the machining process to the customers and visitors. Also PRATIC’s technicians explained the machining technologies to visitors on the spot.

This is the first exhibition PRATIC participated in this year in the pandemic, and PRATIC’s machining centers attracted much attention. In the exhibition, PRATIC answered the questions from many visitors and offered completely new machining center solutions for them, which made the the visitors again give thumbs-up to the professionalism of PRATIC.

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