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PRATIC New Launch Blockbuster - Heavy Duty Gantry Machining Center - PHB Series

Time: 2020-08-27 Source : PRATIC CNC

PRATIC is always in hot pursuit of innovation, and she is continuously creating new machining center series accroding to the trends of different industries as well as customers’ requirements.

Recently PRATIC has lanuched its anohter blockbuster machining center model PHB series, which is a heavy duty gantry machining center with high precision, multifunction and wide application.

Overall Characteristics: PHB series machining center has the functions of milling, drilling, tapping, cutting, chamfering and routing if retrofitted with the corresponding tools. It can machine various lengths of metal profiiles and components made of aluminum, steel, copper, aluminum alloy and so on. Its perfect structure and control system ensure its high machining precision, also it is retrofitted with automatic chip conveyor which makes it easy for chip cleaning.

Spindle: it is retrofitted with HSK A63 spindle with speed of 16000 rpm(mechanical spindle) or 20000 rpm (motorized spindle)

Control System: it uses the international CNC controller system SIEMENS or FANUC

Tool Magazine: it has a umbrella shape tool magazine with holding capacity of 20pcs of tools

Applications: It can be widely used in various industries, especially perfect for heavy duty precision machining, such as machinery parts making, rail transit equipment making, aerospace components making and so on.

Now let’s come to the most important advantage of this model: compared with compatitors in the market, PRAITC’s PHB series heavy duty gantry machining center has the highest cost-performance ratio! That’s why so many customers have placed their orders immediately upon its launch on market.

Welcome your inquiry, and PRATIC people are at your service at any time!

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