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PRATIC 2020 Sports Meeting Was Held on Nov. 28

Time: 2020-12-04 Source : PRATIC CNC

In the afternoon of last Saturday Nov. 28, PRATIC 2020 Sports Meeting was held.

All PRATIC people attended the sports meeting and the volunteer players from six teams took part in different games, such as tug-of-war, team running, goal kicking, arena confronting, dart game and barrier passing. All PRATIC people were very happy and the atmosphere on the spot was very warm!


Team Running

Goal Kicking

Arena Confronting

Dart Game

Barrier Passing

After the exciting games, the champion team, the second place team and the third place team got their prizes with big honor.

Champion Team

Second Place Team

Third Place Team

As the leading enterprise of manufacturing CNC machining center, PRATIC has been relying on human oriented philosophy and continuously enriching the life of employees. PRATIC has been organizing various helpful activities, matches, travels and parties for employees, which enable employees to develop themselves physically and mentally, and which enhanced the internal cohesion and solidarity of PRATIC, and which makes employees struggle for a better future of PRATIC !

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