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Why PRATIC Moving Column CNC Machining Center Is a Better Choice

Time: 2020-12-29 Source : PRATIC CNC

If you are an ower of a metal (aluminum, steel, copper, titanium alloy) components making factory or precision machining shop, then how to choose your cnc machining centers to get the best ROI(Return on Investment)? There are several factors need to be considered.

1. The Metal Materials & Components to Be Machined. In differnt industries, there are different metal materials in various lengths and various structures, so in orde to expand your machining business, you should find the cnc machining centers which can process them, i.e. the machining centers should have wide applications for different material types, sizes, structures from different industries.

2. The Functions & Precision of the Machining Center. Definitely it is bettter to choose a mutifunctional cnc machining center than to choose a single function one, and also the better if the precision is higher. So if a machining center with high precision has various functions of milling, drilling, tappling, routing, chamfering, cutting and so on, it will be perfect.

3. The Cost of the Machining Center. Not the cheapest one, not the most expsnsive one, you should choose the most suitable one by using which you can get the best ROI within your budget.

4. The Available Space at Your Factory. Yes, this is also a factor you have to consider. The available space between machine to machine and the available space for the materials from point to point really affect your productivity.

According to above mentioned factors, PRATIC have been developping moving column CNC machining centers to satisfy your needs:

 Moving Column Design: for machining various lengths(2m to 20m) of metal materials! For machining various kinds of metal profiles and components(aluminum, steel, iron, copper, titanium alloy...) from many industries.

 They Are All-purpose Machining Centers: with almost all functions(milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering, cutting); with high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm-0.02mm.

 Reasonable Price: only 20 to 25 percent of a gantry machining center. It can do almost all machining work of a gantry machining center, but its cost is much lower than a gantry machining center.

 Space Saving, Labor Saving and Time Saving: Different kinds of fixtures or many jigs can be installed on one machine’s worktable, which can offer mutiple work-positions on one machine, and which greatly saves the space, labor and time!

Welcome you to visit PRATIC factory or ask for more information!

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