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Work with PRATIC to Make Your Customized CNC Machining Center

Time: 2021-01-16 Source : PRATIC CNC

PRATIC has been focusing in manufacturing cnc machining center for metalworking purpose for more than 12 years. During the past years, PRATIC had developped bigger and stronger. Why PRATIC has been developping so rapidly? There is an important reason which is also one of PRATIC’s biggest advantages: PRATIC can make cnc machining centers completely according to customers requirements.

The customers only need to send a workpiece sample to us and tell us their maching requirement, our engineers will offer turnkey solution. Not only the machine’s mechanical parts(such as the machine bed, machine head, machine column, machine slide plates and so on), but also the machine’s electrical parts(such as the power distribution cabinet, the power lines, oil lines, gas lines, water lines, motors, tool magazine and so on), and even the machine’s protective sheet metal parts or any other components, our engineers can design them as per your specific needs and work out the perfect machining center solution which has best performance and with lowest cost! Below are some featured options that we can offer to our customers to meet their machining requirements:

Double Heads and Dual Spindles Machining Center: once retrofitted with doubel heads and double systems, the machining center can realize synchronous or asynchronous machining, so the work efficiency can be double heightened; the dual spindles machining center also can heighten the productivity by two times and they are perfect for mass production of single type workpieces.

Angle Head and Fourth Axis Rotating Table: single directional or two-directional angle heads are optional. Angle head is good to achieve multi-faced or multi-side machining by only one time of jig fixing. Rotating table can realize four-side processing and motion simulation processing. Also it is used for processing curved surface and can achieve multi-face processing after only one time of jig fixing.

Five Axis Spindle, Linear Scale and Security Light Curtain: five axis head is usually required for machining complex, curved or irregular workpieces. Linear scale is a measuring feedback device working based on optical principles of grating. It can measure in a large area and can compensate the accuracy of equipment to improve the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. The safety light curtain is a safety protection device. The machine will automatically stop functioning once the operator is beyong the safety area, which can effectively protect the operator from being injured.

So why wait, just let us know your requirements, and we will work with you to make the cnc machining centers complying with your needs!!!

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