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Future Subway Train Is Coming- China Released the World First Carbon Fiber Subway Train

Time: 2018-09-29 Source : PRATIC

In the afternoon of Sep. 18, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd released the new generation carbon fiber subway train “CETROVO” at InnoTrans 2018 which was held in Berlin, Germany.

What is the new generation carbon fiber subway train? Let’s see it now!

1.Use Carbon Fiber technology, the whole train is 13% lighter compared with traditional train.

Compared with traditional subway train, the biggest advantages of the new generation carbon fiber subway train is lighter and more energy-saving.

Lightening is the main way to save energy for subway train. As a new type of material, carbon fiber is called “King of Lightweight”. With the advantages of lightweight and high rigidity, carbon fiber offers best solution for lightening the trains.

Compared with the traditional materials of steel and aluminum, the train body, driver sector and equipment sector made of new generation carbon fiber are lightened by 30%, the bogie is lightened by 40%, and the whole train is lightened by 13%.

Though the cost of carbon fiber material is higher than traditional materials, the carbon fiber material is lighter, which can save more energy, also carbon fiber is anti-fatigue, anti-weathering and anti-corrosion, which can ensure the train’s proper function within 30 years without fatigue, weathering or corrosion. Thus it can reduce the maintenance during the using lifespan. What is more, it will reduce the damage to the railway because the train is lighter.

Also, in order to further reduce the energy consumption, the new generation subway train used the new energy-saving traction system. It adopts the permanent magnet synchronous motor instead of asynchronous motor, plus the silicon carbide converter, which greatly heightened the efficiency of the traction system.

According to calculation, for new generation subway train, the general energy-saving rate is more than 15% compared with traditional train.

2.The carriage qty can be changed, and it is more adaptable.

Compared with traditional subway train, the new generation subway train has more applicability. It is more flexible in carriage qty, and can be adaptable for more complex environment.

Different from the fixed carriage qty of traditional subway train, the new generation subway train can have changeable qty (2 to 12) of carriages based on its function of “flexible carriage formation”, and the formation process can be completed within 5 minutes. The “flexible carriage formation” can realize the most economical operation by adding carriage qty in rush hours and reducing qty in non-rush hours.

Compared with the traditional subway train, the new generation subway train can adapt for more harsh climate and environment, and it can function in environments with high temperature, high humidity, even -40℃ low temperature, or 2500m altitude.

3.With more stability, and passengers feel more comfortable.

By adopting the advanced vibration damping and noise reducing technology, passengers feel more comfortable.

The vibration damping is realized by the hanging system on the bogie. In traditional subway train, the hanging system is non-adjustable, so it is called inactive hanging system. The new generation subway train firstly uses the complete active hanging technology which can detect the vibration instantly and adjust the damping actively, and which can ensure the best function of the hanging system all the time, thus the train will be more stable during function.

The carriage is more quiet. When the train is in operation, the noise is only 68db in the carriage which is 3db lower than the traditional subway train.

Furthermore, the new generation subway train adopt the the sealed train body, so the passengers will not feel pressure on eardrum because of pressure change.

4.It is a smart train, and the media information can be displayed on the train windows and mirrors.

The train window is a touchable display screen which can convey video, pictures or text information. The passengers can touch the window to view the news, to buy tickets on internet, to watch live show and so on, just as they are using a big iPad.

Also the mirror in the train is a touchable display screen, just like a “magic mirror”.

The intelligent air-conditioner in the train can adjust the temperature automatically according to the weather, which can make passengers feel conformable all the time.

The lighting system also can adjust the light in the train according to environment.

The highest speed of the new generation subway train can reach 140 km which is quicker than the traditional train.

Also the train is completely automatic and driverless. By using the driverless technology,  the whole process is completely automatic and driverless including starting, accelerating, stopping on halfway, door opening and closing, returning back into station, and so on.

PRATIC CNC machinery is used to process many components inside the high speed trains, subway trains and light railway trains. With functions of milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering, PRATIC CNC machining centers are applicable for processing various lengths of profiles made of aluminum, steel, iron with high efficiency and precision.

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