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Introduction of PRATIC’s Customizable Options for Customers

Time: 2018-10-06 Source : PRATIC

Founded in 2008, PRATIC is a high technology enterprise who focus on designing, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligence and automatic equipment.

In order to meet the needs of the market, PRATIC makes effort in making new equipment. The main products include: profile CNC processing center, CNC gantry processing center, vertical processing center, equipment for aero industry, rail transportation, new energy car and intelligent home appliance. The product series include PYB, PYD, PDA, PDB, PIA, PIB, PIS, PZA, PZB, PCA, PCB, PC5D, PHA, PHB, PHD series, which can satisfy almost every application for customer use.

Except the standard configuration of the product, PRATIC also offers many customizable options for customers, let’s introduce some of them as follows:

Angle Head: single direction or double direction angle head, good complement to three axes for side machining, make multi-face processing faster and easier after a single setting up.

5 Axis Spindle: equipped with professional 5 axis spindle, super hard, with function of tapping, applicable for large gantry series(PC series and PH series). Make multi-face processing with high precision and high efficient after a single setting up.

Rotating Working Table(Rotating Fourth Axis): realize 360 degree rotary processing, multi-face processing

Customizable Clamping Fixture: Special fixtures can be made according to customer product characteristics.

Parallel Jaw: pneumatic parallel jaw / hydraulic parallel jaw for option, suitable for all types of work environments which require parallel positioning and light cutting, used in pairs, for automatic clamping of machining center, controlled by program to achieve fully automatic processing for customers.

T-slot Working Table: Suitable for customers who require high-precision machining.

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