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The Global Trade & Investment Director of Columbus Region of the U.S. Visited PRATIC

Time: 2018-10-26 Source : PRATIC

Today(Oct. 26, 2018), Ms. Deborah Scherer, the managing director of global trade & investment of the Columbus Region, Visited PRATIC and introduced the advantages of why the Columbus Region is a location of choice for investment in US.

Ms. Deborah gave a good appraisal to PRATIC, and pointed out that based on high technology, PRATIC is focusing on researching and producing CNC profile machines for many manufacturing industries, and because for now there are many manufacturing industries are returning to US, so there would be a bigger and bigger demand for CNC machines in US. Columbus Region is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the Midwest of US and is attracting a lot of manufacturing industry investments, so for now it is a right time for PRAITC to consider establishing production base in Columbus.

Based on the China government’s support to high technology industry, PRATIC became a China national high technology enterprise after ten years of development. PRATIC CNC machining center is widely used in industries of automobile, rail traffic, aerospace and smart home appliance. Not only to meet the needs from domestic market, PRATIC also has been making effort to develop overseas markets. By adopting international advanced technology and management, PRATIC has got the ISO 9001: 2008 certification and CE certification. PRATIC is making continuous effort to make CNC machining center to meet the demands from international markets, such as South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Central America, Australia and so on.

In the globalization process, PRATIC has established agent companies or branch companies in Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and so on, and as time goes on PRATIC will surely consider to establish overseas manufacturing base in the near future.

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