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Pratic Machine for Processing Roller Parts of Paper Making Mechanism for Customers

Time: 2018-11-14 Source : PRATIC CNC

For recent days, as per the request of one of Pratic’s customers, Pratic’s sampling team has been busy in using PYD-CNC4000 to process roller parts of paper making mechanism for him.


PYD-CNC4000 is retrofitted with BT50 spindle which is suitable for processing steel machine body & parts, with functions of milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering and so on. The power of spindle driven motor is 11kw - 15kw, and the power of X/Y/Z driven motor is 3.0kw. The operating system is FANUC, with automative lubricating system and water cooling system. The position precision of X axis is 0.05mm and the position precision of Y/Z Axes is 0.01mm. The repeating position precision of X/Y/Z axes is ±0.01mm


Also PYD-CNC4000 adopts roller guideway design which has high precision, stability, and super high rigidity. Besides, the protection door retrofitted can provide safety and cleanness for the operators.


As a reputable manufacturer from China that specializes in CNC machining center and automatic machinery, Pratic CNC machines are widely used for processing the parts and machines for many industries such as automobile industry, aircraft industry, rail traffic industry, smart home appliance industry, widow & door & curtain wall making industry, and so on. It is no doubt that Pratic CNC machines will be more and more popular with the customers in both domestic and overseas based on the high quality CNC machines and professional services offer by PRATIC.


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