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Pratic Achieved Good Success in DMP 2018 in Dongguan

Time: 2018-12-03 Source : PRATIC

In DMP 2018(i.e. 20th DMP China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition) which lasted from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, Pratic fully showed its professionalism as well as capability and achived much.


In the show, Pratic exhibited its PYB-CNC4500 and PDB-CNC4500 which can process various type of aluminum profiles and componnets. Pratic showed the advantages(efficient, labor-saving, economical and so on) of its CNC machining center VS single VMC, also Pratic showed its CNC maching center specilaly developped for processing the battery tray of new energy vechile, all of which attracted many customers from both demostic and overseas.


Many cutomers came to visit Pratic booth for its famous reputation in CNC mahcine industry, and many of the cutomers signed the cooperation agreements with Pratic on the spot. There are also many old customers of Pratic, and they came to Pratic’s booth to express their satisfaction of using Pratic CNC machine and would like to buy more machines from Pratic.

As a China National High-technology Enterprise, PRATIC is now a famous CNC machine brand in China. Meanwhile, PRATIC CNC carries out deep cooperation with the companies from Germany, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. By adopting the international management, PRATIC has got the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, and also PRATIC’s products have got the CE certification. PRATIC is making continuous effort to make CNC machining center to meet the demands from international market. 

Following the continuous development of its international business, PRATIC is now carving out its way to the world and make its own globalization step by step. PRATIC is gradually becoming a world famous CNC machine brand in the world.

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