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Pratic’s Turnkey Solution for Battery Tray of New Energy Vehicle

Time: 2018-12-15 Source : PRATIC

Following the rapid development of the automobile industry, the energy shortage became a more and more serious problem. The environmental problem caused by automobile is concerning. Developing new energy vehicle is an effective way to relieve the energy crisis, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the environment pollution. For now new energy vehicle has been becoming the direction and trend of automobile industry. The battery is the power source of new energy vehicle, and the battery tray which is used for holding the battery is made of aluminum to reduce the whole vehicle weight.

As early as 2001, in order to develop new energy vehicle, China has made it one of the “863” big scientific subjects in The Tenth Five Years Plans. In recent years, for new energy vehicle different levels of governments have been implementing promotion policies of giving allowance for purchasing and giving priority for issuing license number. The demand and development of new energy vehicle have promoted the development of all kinds of vehicle battery, the lightening trend of the vehicle body and the production of automobile parts. Meanwhile it has been bringing a tremendous market for China’s aluminum industry.

The most obvious difference between new energy vehicle and traditional vehicle is that the new energy vehicle is powered by electricity generated from the vehicle battery. Because the new energy vehicle performance is affected by the factors of battery weight, the endurance mileage and the government policy of promoting energy-saving and emission-reduction, it is the first priority to consider to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, the need for reducing the weight of new energy vehicle is more pressing than for the traditional vehicle, which offers a broader market for aluminum alloy material to be used in new energy vehicle than in  traditional vehicle.

In the lighter materials, the comprehensive cost performance of aluminum alloy is better than steel, magnesium, plastic or composed materials. Aluminum alloy has big advantages in aspects of application, safety and recycling utilization. The density of aluminum alloy is just 1/3 of steel, and it has an obvious energy-saving and weight-reducing effect. Also it can offer more driving and riding comfortability by using aluminum alloy in the vehicle. Besides, the aluminum alloy material is easier to be recycled. The comprehensive cost performance decides that aluminum alloy should be the first choice for weight lightening of automobile.

For new energy vehicle, the aluminum alloy is mainly used for making the vehicle body, the wheel hub, the chassis, the bumper, the battery tray, the chairs and so on. According to processing methods, the aluminum used in vehicle is classified to be die casting aluminum, squeezing aluminum and rolling aluminum. The squeezing aluminum is mainly used for making the vehicle chair, the luggage rack, the bumper and so on, and the rolling aluminum is mainly used for making the plate of vehicle body.

In previous time the battery tray is made of steel, and for now many manufacturers use aluminum. The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm³, which ensures its obvious advantages in process of machining and welding. The density of magnesium aluminum is 1.8g/cm³, and the density of carbon fiber is 1.5g/cm³. All the three materials can be used for making battery tray of new energy vehicle, and can greatly heighten the lightening level of new energy vehicle. 

It is reported that the battery tray of new energy vehicle is mainly made of 6 series of aluminum profile. The 6 series of aluminum profile has good malleability, good corrosion resistance and good welding performance. It has no stress corrosion cracking tendency. Therefore 6 series aluminum alloy is specially suitable for making battery tray. In order to ensure the quality during processing, it is necessary to adopt the friction stir welding, which can ensure the battery tray to be made by a integrated molding process.


Pratic offers turnkey solution for processing & welding the battery tray of new energy vehicle, which can satisfy the need of precise and efficient making of battery tray.


PYB series CNC machining center for machining the rod and plate parts of battery tray by using specially made pneumatic fixtures.


Pratic PHA gantry CNC machining center for general machining of the welded battery tray.

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