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Pratic’s Five-Axis Linkage CNC Machine - PHA-CNC3000S-SD5 with Motorized Spindle for Processing Curved Surface of Aluminum Component

Time: 2018-12-18 Source : PRATIC

Today Pratic Gantry Machining Center PHA-CNC3000S-SD5 is used for processing the curved surface of aluminum component for one of its customers. The customer is very satisfied with the processing effect and will place order with Pratic for its CNC machines.

PHA-CNC3000S-SD5, retrofitted with the fifth axis head and motorized spindle , is a five-axis linkage CNC machining center with high speed and high precision. It is very suitable for effectively and precisely processing components with curved surface or irregular parts.

The stroke of X axis is 3000mm; the stroke of Y axis is 2000mm; the stroke of Z axis is 800mm; the stroke of A axis is ±120 degree; the stroke of C axis is ±245 degree. Retrofitted with BT40 motorized spindle, the spindle speed is 24000rpm. It has a disk shape tool magazine with capacity of 16pcs tools, and the tool change time is 3 seconds. The position precision of X axis is 0.05mm; the position position precision of Y axis is 0.01mm; the repeating position precision of X/Y/Z axis is ±0.01mm. The operation system is FANUC.

Pratic’s PHA series large span gantry machining center is suitable for medium and heavy processing of components made of aluminum, copper, steel and so on. With functions of cutting, milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering and so on, the PHA series CNC gantry machining center is applied for industries of aerospace, rail transit, automobile, smart home appliance, doors, windows, curtain wall and so on. Welcome your inquiry!

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