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A processing example of 1-shape oxidation locks by

Time: 2018-03-16 Source : PRATIC CNC

Pratic equipment processed a row of 1-shape oxidation locks at the same time. The machine operated without stop and thus can greatly improve processing efficiency.
The video about Pratic PIA sectional material processing center processing 1-shape oxidation locks is suggested to be watched under the environment with wifi.
Pratic PIA sectional material processing center adopts BT30 main axis, and the journey of X axis can be 2,500-6,500 to meet general processing of sectional materials. Moreover, it adopts flying saucer to charger and can cut rapidly with 16 cutters. The product is suitable to: light aluminum and copper cutting of television framework, aluminum shake handles, and auto spare parts, and drilling, milling and processing of sectional materials.

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