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Pratic Annual Work Summary Meeting Held on Jan. 16, 2019

Time: 2019-01-17 Source : PRATIC CNC

Yesterday afternoon, Pratic Annual Work Summary Meeting was held with the meeting subject ”Go Ahead with Collective Wisdom and Efforts”.

Firstly the director of each department passionately reported their department work of last year and forecasted their work in this year. In last year, Pratic achieved much increase in sales which was the result of the joint effort of each department. In this year, each department will work more closely to create much more prosperity!

Secondly the meeting announced the 10 outstanding staff of 2018, and the general manager Mr. Li Aijun presented awards to the outstanding staff. The 10 outstanding staff were from different departments and they did an excellent job in their positions in the year of 2018.

Then three of the outstanding staff gave their acceptance speeches. They talked about their work history in Pratic, expressed their appreciation to other colleagues, and sent their best regards to everyone for the new year.

Finally General Manger Mr. Li Aijun gave conclusion speech for the work of last year and pointed out the direction and key points of the work in this new year. In the speech Mr. Li emphasized that “The thing that never changes is changing” and “Our value lies in offering value-added products and service to customers”, which enlightened all staff on the working direction of new year.

Through this annual work summary meeting, all Pratic people were refreshed with great confidence and enthusiasm on their work. Pratic people will surely make more effort to gain more achievement in this year of 2019! Pratic CNC machining center will be more and more popular in both domestic and overseas market!

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