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PRATIC Re-opened Today After Chinese New Year Holiday

Time: 2019-02-12 Source : PRATIC CNC

Today is Feb. 12, 2019, which is the re-opening day after the 15 days of Chinese Spring Festival Holiday. All PRATIC people came back to work on their positions with great enthusiasm and happiness. All works have returned to normal.

The Chinese New Year greetings were sent to each other among all PRATIC colleagues. Also the reopening ceremony was held in the morning.

Firstly PRATIC general manager Mr. Li Aijun gave a speech to all PRATIC people. He sent Chinese New Year greetings to all employees, and gave thankfulness to the colleagues who still worked for customers during the holiday, also he indicated that 2019 will be a very important year, in which the sales performance was targeted to be doubled. He encouraged all PRATIC people to struggle harder to make PRATIC a top CNC Machining Center brand in both domestic and overseas markets.

Secondly the company directors dispatched red packet money to all employees, and all people were so happy and expressed their thankfulness to the directors and the company.

Thirdly a good-start firecracker was set off. In the firelight and "bang" "bang" sound of the  firecracker, all PRATIC people were refreshed with great energy and confidence to work harder to gain a bigger success in this new year of 2019!

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