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'The Wandering Earth' - China’s First 'Hard Science Fiction' Blockbuster Reflects the Development of China Aerospace Industry

Time: 2019-02-18 Source : PRATIC

China's first space-based science fiction blockbuster "The Wandering Earth" has stood out among the Lunar New Year's films, winning both the box office and reputation and regarded by industry insiders as a milestone in the development of China's science fiction industry.

"The Wandering Earth” is expected to open the dawning of a new era in China science fiction films, breaking the monopoly of sci-fi movies by Hollywood.

“The Wandering Earth” describes a story in a distant future that the Earth is going to be devoured owning to the Sun expanding into a red giant. The upcoming peril forces people around the world to build thousands of massive rocket thrusters at certain spots on the Earth and separate the entire planet from the solar system.

"The film, starring Wolf Warrior's Wu Jing, is a sci-fi movie of epic scale that rivals Hollywood blockbusters like Interstellar and Gravity," and it could be "the film to spark China's science fiction moviemaking," said the South China Morning Post. And the Australian Flicks even thinks it might be "the best sci-fi movie of 2019."

Actually, "The Wandering Earth" is regarded as the first "hard science fiction" blockbuster in China. The entire science fiction scenes in the film are Chinese localized, such as the collapsed Beijing CBD buildings, the glacially covered Shanghai, the thick New Year flavors in the underground cities, as well as the Chinese-style traffic warning.

Then how this film was made and what is the background? Analysts point out that, it is the rapid development of Chinese aerospace industry that gives the imagination space for Chinese science fiction and science fiction film.

In recent years, China has gained much progress in aerospace industry, such as the famous Long March carrier rocket series, the regional jetliner ARJ21, the big airplane C919, the Chang'e program robotic probe, the BeiDou Navigation System, the Shenzhou Series Spacecraft, and so on. Most of the aerospace equipment consists of many precision components which are made of aluminum alloy. Then how these aluminum alloy components are made and processed? Mostly they are made and processed by CNC machines and automatic machinery.

PRATIC CNC machines are well applicable for producing and processing these aluminum alloy components of aerospace industry. As the industry leader of offering CNC machines for processing metal profiles, PRATIC has occupied the main market of offering CNC machines and CNC machining centers to aerospace industry. PRATIC is a qualified supplier of CNC machines for making China national aerospace equipment. Some parts of China aeroplane C919, satellite, carrier rocket have been being processed by PRATIC CNC machines. Following the continuous development of China aerospace industry, PRATIC is continually making great effort to contribute more to it.

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