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First Day of Shanghai CME Exhibition- PRATIC Achieved A Lot

Time: 2019-02-26 Source : PRATIC

Today is the first day of Shanghai CME(China Machine Tool Exhibition). Thought the temperature outside is about 10 degree Celsius, the exhibition in the National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai is very hot! Shanghai CME is the first big show which PRATIC is exhibiting after the China Spring Festival, and PRATIC showed its CNC machining center models PDB-CNC4500 and PHB-CNC3000S in this show.

PRATIC booth(Hall 1H, 1-C15) attracted clients and visitors from all over China and overseas, who showed big interest in purchasing. Some clients even signed the preliminary long-term cooperation agreement with PRAITC and made PRAITC their strategic suppliers on the spot.

The exhibited CNC machining center model PDB-CNC4500 is suitable for processing industrial aluminum or copper profiles, while the model PHB-CNC3000S is the representative model for processing the battery tray of new energy vehicle. In order to responding to the government's call for development of the new energy vehicle, PRATIC has developed a turnkey solution for processing & welding the battery tray of new energy vehicle, which can satisfy the need of precise and efficient making of battery tray. Firstly PRATIC PY series CNC machining center is used to machine the rod and plate parts of battery tray by adopting specially-made pneumatic fixtures, and secondly, Pratic PH series gantry CNC machining center is used to carry out general machining of the welded battery tray. This turn key solution for processing the battery tray of new energy vehicle is a important contribution for the development of China new energy vehicle industry, and it has been approved as a Belt and Road SME Cooperation Key Project.

Meanwhile in order to express thankfulness to the clients and visitors, PRATIC held lucky draws on its booth. There were various prizes: drink, business card holder, USB flash disk, smart watch for child, smart TV and so on, which added the joyfulness at PRATIC booth.

Also, PRATIC’S project director of new energy vehicle, Mr. Bi Zheng was interviewed by local TV station. He introduced that as a national high technology enterprise, PRATIC has been continuously leading the development of CNC machining industry, and PRATIC is continuously making contribution to the rise of China national industry and "Made in China 2025” plan.

In order to completely solve customers’ worries, PRATIC has established national-wide and worldwide service & maintainence network. PRATIC is now enjoying a good fame in both domestic and overseas. Following Shanghai CME Exhibition, PRATIC is running on the avenue of 2019 and strive to achieve the 2019 goal which had been set!

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