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PRATIC Achieved Much on the First Day of 25th China Window Door Facade Expo

Time: 2019-03-04 Source : PRATIC

Today is the first day of the 25th China Window Door Facade Expo, and there are so many people gathering in Poly World Trade Center & Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center of Guangzhou, which forms a grand event for doors, windows and curtain walls industry.

The booth of PRATIC is 3K51, Hall 3 which attracted many customers’ attention. As a manufacturer of CNC machining center for processing aluminum profiles, PRATIC has been ploughing deeply in this field for more than 10 years. PRATIC not only offers CNC machining center for customers, but also offers integrated machining solutions to customers according to their requirements, and this one-stop service makes PRATIC in the lead of this field.

At this show PRATIC exhibits its CNC machining center models PIA-CNC4500 and PZB-CNC4500. The PIA model is suitable for light cutting, drilling and milling of aluminum profiles, and is widely used in processing customerized furniture, sanitary ware profiles, handles of kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, long hinges of aluminum alloy glass casement door and so on. PZB model is suitable for processing various lengths of aluminum or steel profiles, and is widely used in processing doors, windows, curtain walls, marquee, work piece made of large profiles and so on.

Besides, PRATIC also offers customizable automatic production lines, which include automatic aluminum profiles fabrication line, automatic windows & doors production line, automatic furniture frame production line, automatic sawing production line and so on.

As a China national high technology enterprise, PRATIC is continuously ploughing deeply in the filed of CNC machining center, and makes its mind to become a flagship enterprise of high-tech equipment enterprises both in China and the world.

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